Medicare is the federal health insurance program designed to provide coverage for individuals age 65 or older, younger persons with disabilities and those with specific diseases.


Different Medicare policy types cover an array of medical expenses like hospital stays, hospice care, home health, doctor visits, outpatient care and preventative services, to name a few.

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Medicare Supplement insurance

may help pay:

o Medicare copayments

o Yearly Medicare deductibles

o Medicare excess charges

o Foreign travel emergency expenses



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Health insurance is a protection plan designed to help cover a portion of your medical expenses. A myriad of available policies cover services such as doctor visit fees, surgery expenses, medical tests, hospital stays, emergency room visits and prescription drugs. Appropriate policy determination depends on the amount of coverage an individual desires versus the amount of out-of-pocket expenses he or she is willing to be responsible for.

Health insurance costs vary and are based on:

o age

o whether or not he or she uses tobacco products

o where the applicant currently resides

Individual insurance policies are agreements between an insurance carrier and a sole individual who agrees to make systematic payments to the insurance company in exchange for partial medical expense coverage. These plans are available to anyone without coverage.



Employer health insurance is a benefit some companies offer their employees. Self worth and a sense that the employer cares about its staff procure from employer health insurance offerings.


Offering group health insurance is more than solely a benefit to employees, it also provides tax deduction opportunities. Part of an employee health plan requires the employer to pay a portion of each employee’s monthly premium. These employer contributions can be deducted from their tax return.


Not only do companies foster good morale through a health benefit option, in turn they’re also granted financial benefits as well. Thomas Insurance Group can tailor an employee health plan to fit the needs of your organization and get you on the path to reaping the internal and financial benefits.




Whether you’re an individual looking for a plan to help cover medical expenses, a business owner wanting to provide an insurance benefit to your employees, or a Medicare-eligible citizen seeking help for medical cost assistance, our professionals at Thomas Insurance Group are here for you. We’ll analyze your current and prospective health care needs, then work with insurance carriers to tailor a plan that meets those requirements. Protect yourself and your loved ones from the possibility of significant financial burden by obtaining insurance coverage before the need arises.


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