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Services classified as ‘long term care’ include: nursing home care, assisted living care, adult day care and in-home care. Some of these expenses are partially covered by health insurance or Medicare for a limited amount of time, but the majority of the expense is up to the patient. To help ease the financial and emotional burden on you and your loved ones, consider purchasing long term care insurance.


Long term care insurance helps cover medical and continuous care expenses over an extended period of time. Policies are structured around the projected amount of coverage the applicant will need, per day, plus the length of time he or she foresees needing assistance. Each of these factors combined with the applicant’s current health history determine the monthly premium. Start planning for your future care needs today to relieve the stresses of financially covering those services in the future.



A disability has the chance of being completely devastating because you are no longer able to bring in a steady income, but are still incurring potentially huge medical bills on top of your everyday expenses. Disability insurance provides a safeguard for your income following such an accident or illness. Your specific policy structure will determine whether payouts come bi-weekly or monthly, if they will be a percentage of your typical income or a set amount, and their duration. Disability insurance is the cushion you need to keep your life and your family moving forward.




Planning for unforeseen health problems and accidental circumstances is difficult and often put off for later. Start planning now to protect you and your loved ones from the burden of worrying about how you will be cared for. Our experts at Thomas Insurance Group will put together a policy that fits your current financial capabilities and that will help when the need for care or disability assistance arises.

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