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Pool Safety Tips

Summer is here and the swimsuits are out! Nothing beats sitting next to a cool pool on a hot summer day with friends and family. And while swimming pools offer up months of memories and fun, they can be dangerous.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 379 deaths on average can be attributed to swimming pool or spa drownings. This summer, be prepared and follow these important tips for a safe summer at the pool.

  1. Never swim alone.
  2. Don’t allow roughhousing.
  3. Walk, don’t run near pools.
  4. Learn how to perform CPR.
  5. Teach children how to swim.
  6. Keep your pool or spa well maintained.
  7. Exit pools and spas during severe weather.
  8. Use appropriate personal flotation devices.
  9. Don’t allow diving except in designated areas.
  10. Never leave a child unattended in or near water.
  11. Share safety instructions with family and friends.
  12. If a child goes missing, look in the pool or spa first.
  13. Install barriers, covers, and alarms around your pool.
  14. Teach children to stay away from drains and skimmers.
  15. Make sure your pool or spa have complaint drain covers.
  16. Install door and window alarms if your home acts as a fourth wall.

It is essential to be prepared and informed of the dangers swimming pools and spas present. Being able to follow as many as these pools safety tips as possible will help your summer be both fun and safe!

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